Smelly Wellies Review

Smelly Wellies Review

ec131f11bc6809a051755696ad2e7312.jpgProduct Information:

Smellie Wellies...Children will have a giggle finding matching pairs of smelly wellies for the quirky monster characters. Age suitability 2-6years //  Price £8.30 Available at

A fun and simple matching game for children aged 2-6. Turn over welly cards to find matching pairs of wellies for your monsters. The first player to fill their board wins!

There are two ways to play this colourful game, for both younger and more advanced players. This means children of all ages can play and enjoy the game together, either as a simple pairs matching or more complex memory game. The patterned welly cards can also be used to encourage children to identify the objects they can see on them.

Featuring an array of colourful character illustrations, the quirky monsters are bound to get children giggling! Why not ask your child to pick their favourite monster?


My five year old daughter enjoyed playing this game with her Dad, and as it’s a nice simple concept she then managed to successfully explain the rules to her older sister.  The setting up is also very straight forward and there is a nice element to the set up as the game boards need to be constructed like puzzle pieces by the players.  There are two ways to play the game, which helped to keep my daughter occupied for quite a while. 

There are a few educational elements in terms of teaching left and right and developing memory skills.  The memory part of the 5457cabd1e9631e527110dbb2c7a20ce.jpggame is good, as it does require a bit of skill and concentration but the number of pieces is just right that it’s not too difficult.  The wellies are colour coded on the reverse to indicate which is left and right, which helps the players to remember which way round they go, and there is a helpful diagram on the instructions to encourage them to learn the difference.   

The monster characters in the game are nice and colourful, and my daughter liked the “yucky” and “rude” ones the best!

Overall the age range on the game of 2-6 years is appropriate and could be enjoyed by younger children than my daughter, but I would think that children who were much older than the upper age in the range would find it a little too simplistic.  That said my seven year old daughter did play with her sister for a while, but it didn’t hold her interest for very long.

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