SmartGames ‘Brain Train’ Review

SmartGames ‘Brain Train’ Review

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Little railway enthusiasts can now train their brains with the help of this brand-new sorting game. Players 3+, will be learning on the job as they match the shapes and place them in the right sequence, making sure that the wagons are connected to the steam engine before they can depart! With 48 challenges and fewer hints at every level, the big question is, will this train pull out of the station and make it to the next stop!

Brain Train encourages many cognitive skills, such as flexible thinking, planning, problem solving, visual perception and spatial insight, all essentials for little ones to be developing in the early years and beyond.

The set includes the all-important ‘choo choo’ train with 2 carriages, 9 coloured blocks with different shapes and of course, the challenge booklet. What’s more, the train can be used as a toy once the challenges are complete, so the fun never stops!  


Our children have had a fantastic time with this product, and whilst I was initially unsure how beneficial it would be to their learning and development as it looked quite a simple concept initially, I was pleasantly surprised and the children were challenged and engaged with this product for an extended period of time.

Whilst essentially the product is a simple concept, there are many more elements to explore and for the children to benefit from, it’s a real hands-on brain teaser and unlike any other brain training e47ce996796c87870bbd2821043e71a9.jpgactivity we’d tried before.

In particular the challenge booklet that comes alongside the train and shapes is fantastic and there really is a diverse range of challenge (some even I struggled with as we worked our way through the booklet!)

The children engaged incredibly well with this product and it held their attention for almost 25 minutes whilst also providing them with the perfect level of challenge for their age and stage at development.

This product is aimed at 3 years + and I personally think that’s a perfect demographic for a product such as this and even our school aged children aged 5+ benefited and found an element of challenge within the more expert challenges available within the booklet.

I love the fact that some of the shapes are connected whilst some remain loose and feel this really extended the challenge and required the children to really think about and manipulate the shapes and carriages in order to make them connect.

Overall, a really brilliant product and one we would definitely recommend to provide an element of challenge and fun for young children and a perfect ‘hands-on’ brain teaser.

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