Silentnight Healthy Growth Breathable Pillow

Silentnight Healthy Growth Breathable Pillow

4632d6c6981865370b72c2a939666eeb.jpgProduct Information:

  • Soft support pillow for growing bodies, suitable for 3 years upwards, from toddler to teen
  • Features colourful air mesh sidewalls to maximise air circulation, providing great comfort for your child throughout the night
  • Made with a soft-touch microfibre cover and filled with squishy Eco Comfort™ fibres
  • Machine washable at 40°C so you can keep your pillow feeling fresh and clean for longer


When the Silent Night pillow arrived it was packaged in a lovely bag. It was huge and felt soft and bouncy. I wanted to use it for myself, but I decided to try it out on my youngest daughter who is 6 and I am so pleased I did.

I explained to my daughter that it was a magic pillow and that it would help her sleep. Ever since she was born she has had snoring problems once asleep. We can hear her down stairs at times. This results in her walking in the morning with a sore throat and not well rested regularly. This is not great now that she is back at school. However, since she has been sleeping on the breathable pillow. I can honestly say I don’t here the tractor anymore. But even better, the good nights sleep she is having are meaning she is up each day ready for the day with no sore throat...we now really do have silent nights!

I am trying to get one for my other daughter. It has kept its shape which I find 7e97e5167d79a0ead348bd8681c2061a.jpga lot of pillows don’t after a few nights.

Available for £21.00 from Silentnight

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