Rubik’s Junior Puppy Review

Rubik’s Junior Puppy Review

026117d54b171d69781adb7cad14f4dc.jpgFour collectable Rubik's puzzle toys, aimed at little ones, bring kids' favourite baby animals to life in iconic Rubik's form, with a puppy, kitten, bear and bunny to choose from.

A new kind of challenge for the youngest Rubik's Cube fans. Twist and turn these crazy animals to create wacky mixed up characters, then keep twisting and turning until you solve the puzzle and turn them back into their original state.

Twist and turn these crazy animals to create wacky mixed up characters.

A new kind of rubik's challenge!

RRP: £9.99 | Age: 4+


This was a great little puzzle for my 5yr old daughter and a good start before the jump to trickier puzzles in the future. The Rubik's Puppy junior is well presented and appealing on the eye. The toy is made from plastic and has the familiar Rubik's cube colours; the puppy had a solid feel to it and the stickers were on strong enough to avoid the peeling hands of my younger 3 yr. old daughter!

Although not too complicated to complete it did cause my daughter to get slightly frustrated when she couldn't complete it straight away from the start, like she could do with simpler puzzles. This did not avert her attention and determination though and with added concentration she was able to complete it and was delighted when she could finally do it.

We mixed the puppy up and could turn and twist it enough to keep her 95e758d132fed6d4967d7571c72539a7.jpgattention in trying to solve it multiple times without her losing interest. The toy itself can sometimes be a little tricky to move smoothly especially when you want to twist the whole toy from the middle, which relies on 3 parts lining up pretty straight together. This can be good for patience building though as my daughter slowly learnt that trying to rush solving it wasn't getting her anywhere quickly!

The puppy can be easily reset back to the starting position if they feel they have messed it up and have got a little lost.

In all it was a good quality product and great for getting young children into puzzles whilst also using their motor skills as well.

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