‘Rockpool’ Game Review

‘Rockpool’ Game Review

25f152617677e1bcbe6ce2c0c29633a7.jpgProduct Information:

A seriously fun game with a serious message, Rockpool also helps children to understand the impact of littering on beaches and the destructive effect of plastic waste in our oceans. It encourages players to collect rubbish from the beach to increase their chance of winning the game.

Rockpool can be enjoyed by groups of 2 to 6 players and is suitable for children 6 years and above.

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On first glance, loved the look of the game; visually appealing, packaged and designed well and as a setting who embraces the outdoors and holds weekly beach school sessions with rockpools at the centre of our sessions, this seemed the perfect game for us!

The game was played with 3 children, and the game states it is suitable for children 6+ and should take around 10-15 minutes to complete a round.

The children involved were aged 6, 8 and 10 years and they were keen to try a new game and excited by its potential and content.

ab7c88a89350093ec025fa5c7ab00fa7.jpgWhilst the game is pitched at children 6+, the rules and set-up are lengthy and confusing and so it took us the 10 minutes game time to set up and make sense of the rules, but once we had it figured out and the children had played their part in setting up their teams and hiding the ‘Wave’ card the children began to really engage with the game and it began to make more sense as each turn passed.

As a setting we are trying to be more sustainable and eco-friendly and this is a philosophy our families share with us too and so losing points for finding rubbish in rockpools was a really engaging way to re-iterate our message to the children and solidify their understanding  of responsible ways to protect their environment.

As the game came to an end with someone drawing the ‘wave’ card and we began to count points to find out who had won, this is where I felt the game really came into its own as the categorising, problem-solving and mathematical elements of the game really came to life and the children really engaged with the more complex process of adding up their points and then recognising the subtraction symbols and solving simple number problems to calculate their overall points and ascertain a winner.

Overall, I would say the concept of the game is good and the elements of it that get children thinking critically, problem-solving and using a range of mathematical skills are fantastic, but the rules itself and the initial set-up and understanding of the rules of the game are somewhat confusing and complex and could deter some children from playing if they had a short attention span or less confidence than the children who played with us initially.

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