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Review: Vortex Gaming at Resorts World Birmingham


2c1d4ed94334b0b98defaaaa9e8851eb.jpgWe’d heard a lot about the Vortex Gaming venue that has opened at Resorts World Birmingham so, after a long, hard week at school, my two boys and I jumped in the car on Friday evening and headed over to see what all the fuss is about.

Once we had arrived, and were armed with a charged smart card, the biggest problem we had was where to start!

The wide range of games available at Vortex means that there is something to suit everyone – all ages, gaming experience and preference. From the ever popular arcade favourites like Penny Falls and Target Knockout games to sit-in racing and air-hockey and arcade versions of games that my kids love to play in app form like Crossy Road and Flappy Bird to shoot-em-up options, my kids were actually quite overwhelmed with the choice and had a lot of fun trying them out and competing against each other.

What really stole the show though for all of us were the high tech Virtual Reality games. These some of the first of their kind in the UK and are definitely not to be missed. The Omni Arena allows two players to play together in a virtual reality world. The concept and game play takes a little getting used to and my 9 year old was at the lower end of the age able to play due to his size but once he had donned his special shoes and headset he was well away. 042776ecee2f6e007eea91b07f7b3059.jpgThe second Virtual Reality experience on offer is a simulator of a fairground ride. We all loved this one, from 5 to adult, and got a real thrill out of it.

We all know that the cost of arcade games can certainly add up and the thought of being constantly badgered for more cash for “one more go” by the kids can often be enough to put parents off visiting these kind of centres but we found the pricing of individual games was reasonable. As a Mum I found that the idea of charging up a smart card with funds allowed me to give the boys a budget to spend as they wished without the need to worry about it getting out of control while they loved the independence that this gave them to pick and choose where they played.

We enjoyed the mix of machines between those aimed at competing against other players and those where tokens are awarded based on your score. These tokens can then be traded in for a range of prizes – you can choose to load them onto your smart card and return at a later date to “save up” for a bigger one if you have the patience!

The time we spent in Vortex was an absolute blast. Apart from the clear winners of the Virtual Reality games, my kids’ firm favourites were the Typhoon 3D motion simulator and Air Hockey (mainly due to the giggling and shrieking caused by the ec8599aa7db14431fa1a108dabf3b87d.jpgunexpected release of many pucks part way through).

While you are there don’t miss the snack bar – we thoroughly recommend the shakes.

We topped off our visit with dinner at TGI Fridays but Vortex would also be a perfect way to allow the kids to let off a bit of steam and have fun during a family shopping trip or even a post cinema treat.

Don’t forget to also pop into Pixel, the sister venue to Vortex next door to TGI’s on the lower ground floor of Resorts World, where you will find another array of games aimed more specifically at gamers under 12.

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