Review of the Roller Wheel

Review of the Roller Wheel

9e0975627159fa3c592d8543a566ab5b.jpgWe were given the opportunity to try out the Roller Wheel from Thumbs Up; as soon as our girls saaw the box they wanted to get it out and blow it up! Unfortunately it was raining and our house is not big enough for the girls to be rolling around a giant wheel in!

Once the rain had stopped we let them loose in the garden! They opened the box and pulled everything out. I was very pleased to see a foot pump included as I wasn't too keen on having to blow it up. As it turned out the girls didn't need any help pumping it up, they just took it in turns!

Once it was all pumped up they took it in turns to roll around the garden (our garden it only small, but they LOVED being a hamster in a wheel!) The fun lasted for ages in our small space, but the following day we took it to our local park where there is lots more space and this was a big hit!

The girls (aged 7 1/2 and almost 5) loved the bright colours and the fact that the balls in it move and make a noise too! Hours of fun from something so simple, and a bit of exercise for them too!

We can't wait to take it camping and use in more large spaces.

This inflatable kid-sized Roller Wheel has been designed with roly-poly fun in mind! It's the perfect size for a0d8715c9fb50f4fdb1f8950f5e6894e.jpgyoungsters to climb through or roll around in and is suitable for use both indoors and out.

Complete with a collection of colourful balls inside that jiggle and bounce around as the wheel rotates, this interactive toy really captures kids' imaginations. What's more, because it's made from durable inflatable plastic, it's suitable for use both indoors and out - just be sure to use it on the grass if you're outside to avoid any potential punctures!

As well as being brilliant fun, the Roller Wheel also helps children sharpen skills like coordination, cooperative play, physical strength, visual and auditory stimulation and more. Plus, because it comes with pump that makes inflating it easy, you won't get out of puff before the playing begins!

The Thumbs Up Roller Wheel Costs £33.18 from Amazon.

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