Review of the Revell Control Junior Crash Car

Review of the Revell Control Junior Crash Car


004c5bc9200e73348fa2574caa4efec1.jpgWe were given the opportunity to play with and review the Revell Control Junior Crash Car

Having never had a remote controlled car as a child, I couldn't pass this one up when offered it for our 4 year old darling (blue flavoured)

Unwrapping met with the required excitement. Our 6 year old tried to commandeer the box immediately, which was a sign of things to come, although we are very used to this behaviour. 

Construction was a cinche, once we had located 7 AAA batteries and a tiny headed Philips screwdriver. Let the squabbling commence! Seems pretty tough, didn't experience any operational issues. 

As the man of the house, I tried to insist on extensive testing before before feeling confident that the toy met the rigorous health and safety required in the house. This largely consisted of crashing it into everything in the playroom and stealing the joy of the performance of the first tricks - oh! It flips over! Oh, the man's flown out of it! etc.

Once I couldn't fend the little darlings off any longer, I handed over the controls and let them get on with it. They loved it. They crashed it in to each other, they ran it over the dolls, they fought over the remote control. The deviousness of a 6 year old girl who want a toy knows no bounds. The birthday boy barely stood a chance. After a while, Mum seized her chance and took great delight in running it c619a159245eaba9ec5be1c13e4ccc96.jpgover everyone's feet, exclaiming "cool" and "brilliant" at 20 second intervals. I am looking forward to playing with it after the kids have gone to bed. Is there a higher recommendation?

Good fun, as expected and great value

Revell Control Junior is available from all good toy and model retailers. For details visit

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