Review of the Potette from Cheeky Rascals

Review of the Potette from Cheeky Rascals

68a9a5323e53cd56971dbdcbce783e29.jpgProduct Information:

Potette offers flexible, easy-to-use potty training options for use at home and on the go. The Potette fits on top of the toilet seat, offering a hygienic and safe way for your toddler to go to the loo. At the same time, Potette’s disposable liners or reusable liner options function perfectly as a standalone portable potty for potty training without a toilet.


I was given the chance to review the Potette plus and I cannot fault it at all, it is absolutely brilliant. 

My son has just started potty training so it’s extremely handy for on the go or at home. It is perfect to keep in the car, hang on the pushchair or for general everyday use.

It is extremely easy to use, very lightweight and compact. 

This product can also be used as a toilet seat which is great for children that may be a bit apprehensive about sitting on unfamiler toilets when your out and about. When you are switching the product to and from the toilet seat mode back to the potty mode you will need to make sure that the legs are always clicked into place otherwise it could become unstable. You place one of the bags provided over the potty and strap the handles over the feet of the potty once you child has then done there business you just dispose of the bag!

The pack itself only comes with the potty, carry bag and 3 bag liners so you may want to order 749e05ee6985bc596d61a67db62e6f4c.jpga separate pack of bag liners too. My son particularly liked the turtles on the bottom of the liner which fades when wee touches it. I’m sure you could improvise and make your own liner using a plastic bag and a sanitary towel to keep the cost down.

It’s extremely easy to clean and use! I’d say it’s an Excellent product all round!

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