Review of the Portable Pocket Chair

Review of the Portable Pocket Chair

a119ee1d8e9cd9203554a8fe8b65bdb2.jpgProduct Information:

Pocket Chair was created for parents that need an ultra-portable space-saving alternative to the bulky high chair. It is suitable for toddlers that can sit up, aged 6-36 months, and up to 33 lbs.

Multipurpose – Other than regular feeding, we also like it for traveling, dining at restaurants, reading a book, going to the doctor,
getting a haircut (on a regular chair).Folds into itself like a sock to form a small travel bag. Fits snugly in your hand-bag.

Reversible – Usable in both sides, as each side has a different pattern. This comes in handy those super busy days when there’s not even time to wash. Try each side to see which one your child favors

Safety First – Pocket Chair Conforms to strict US and EU Safety Regulations in order to protect babies and prevent injuries. A three-point harness secures the baby onto the chair, not interfering with his free flow.


The portable pocket chair has been a fantastic addition to our changing bag. We did previously have another portable harness with a booster seat but it was very bulky to carry around so this one has been much better for us particularly as our son is now a little bit older so the booster part is not as necessary.

Although we have used it at home, it has been most useful when we are out and about eating in restaurants and cafes. It has also come in useful at home when friends have come over b372cd60f1acb616aaff6996e246e530.jpgand we have needed more than one highchair.

It folds up so well into its own pouch and fits very easily into our changing bag. It is also reversible which has meant that on the occasion when something may have been split onto the chair we can just turn it the other way round and not only do we have a clean seat but also a new pattern! The only small drawback has been that in some places the backs of the chair have been so wide that the chair doesn’t fit over the back, if the top was elasticated, or a little wider, maybe this would solve this small problem?

Overall, my son really likes being in this seat and seems to find it very comfortable. The straps are all adjustable and I feel that he is safe and secure when using it. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easily portable chair for their child particularly if like myself and my husband they want to be out and about a lot. We are off on holiday next week and we are taking this with us!

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