Review of The LEGO® Movie™ 4D A New Adventure

Review of The LEGO® Movie™ 4D A New Adventure


15ef9f68fcf7d6df4eb54144823dff5e.jpgIf you're visiting Legoland this Easter - and you probably should - you must go and see the #New4DAdventure that's showing in the Imagination cinema. 

It's like the original smash hit Lego Movie, only shorter. The new film is a merry Lego length, just 15 minutes or so, but it packs a lot in and tells the story of Emmett's adventure with Wyldstyle in a new rival theme park run by a shady tycoon, called Mr Business. His first name is Risky. (Yes, really, that's his name - adults will get the joke.)

The new short film, including voices from Elizabeth Banks and Patton Oswalt, merely whets the appetite for the full-blown, feature-length Lego Movie sequel that's planned to come out in 2018 (takes a long time to piece together, I imagine).

It's undeniably madcap and non-stop, making for what we critics like to call a fun ride of a movie - just as you'd rightly expect from a film mostly set on, er, fun rides and, you know, screening in a place that's full of fun rides. 

The 4D is particularly amazing, with things jumping out of the screen at you and then  - this is the added dimension - fluttering down from the skies and the walls: snow, streamers, noises, fog, glitter. My kids were very impressed with that, probably because it was totally unexpected. I confess I didn't really know what 4D meant until I saw the new Lego Movie. We all do now.

Going to 68b7488d8c8585456bb024fb70608e17.jpgthe film at the park becomes an immersive experience and would be a real bonus on a day out at Legoland - a chance for everyone to rest a bit, laugh together and generally disappear into an alternate Lego universe. It should get you humming "Everything is Awesome" for the remainder of the day, too. And I'm sure you'll be grateful for that.

We had a wonderful day out all in all. It wasn't just getting to meet Wyldstyle herself after the Lego Movie #New4DAdventure - it was a real adventure of going around the mini-world, boating, helicoptering, and getting wet on a pirate flume...everything was, you guessed it, awesome...

"The LEGO® Movie„¢ 4D A New Adventure€ is an all new 4D short film featuring the characters from the original blockbuster film The LEGO® Movie in an entirely new story.

The riotous, action-packed plot sees Emmet, Wyldstyle, Unikitty, Benny and MetalBeard receive a mysterious invitation leading them to a new theme park, bearing a suspicious resemblance to LEGOLAND®. But all is not as it seems as the heroes are once again thrust into the middle of an evil secret plot masterminded by a totally new character, the scheming Risky Business. 

Nearly 200 artists and technicians produced the cutting-edge 3D computer animation at Pure Imagination Studios in Los Angeles

Under the watchful eyes of the writer-director team behind The LEGO® Movie„¢ the animation team took 16 months to create the 12 ½ minutes of animation for The LEGO® Movie„¢ 4D A New Adventure€

The movie will be showing at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort from 11 March 2016€‹

Jason Solomons-Film Critic

Jason Solomons-Film Critic

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