Review of the Hape Robot Factory Domino Set

Review of the Hape Robot Factory Domino Set

8f90cde46abc72859fb16fba3286a738.jpgUse stored potential energy to catapult a wooden ball into the air with this exciting robot-themed domino set! A tipper car, crazy ball track, tipper arm and series of ramps form an exciting robot production line that you can build again and again.

1. Start by building one of the configurations shown on the box. 2. Put a wooden ball in the rail car and release it down the ramp. As the car tips over, the ball is released and starts the Domino Effect. Watch the momentum wheel turn before the catapult fires another ball into the air, starting more dominoes tumbling. Momentum flows through the spinning arm and gravity release arm and into the third ball that navigates a zig-zag track before triggering the see-saw and shooting it the marble into the flag finish box. 3. Now, unleash your imagination by building new trail configurations.


Our 5 year old son, Max and 8 year old daughter, Florence have been exploring the ‘Hape Robot Factory Dominos’ set as seen in the pictures.

Our son began by unpacking all of the pieces inside the box, very much enjoying unveiling the contents. The idea behind this toy is to create a dominos design and use the contraptions provided to manoeuvre the balls which then set off the dominos, knocking them down. It allows children a great opportunity to use their imaginations and logic, learning by trial and error, making mistakes and problem solving.

Max, in dbf99196a89b0ea265a16966bb86aad1.jpgparticular enjoyed spending time with each ball rolling contraption, seeing how it worked and what it could do whereas Florence had more patience and loved setting it all up and tweaking the design where needed. Max, being the younger of the two definitely required more adult support where our eldest could have probably managed this alone with time and space.

The initial assembly of the parts was straight forward with simple to follow instructions. The product is designed in lovely colours with great texture making it fun and interesting to explore as well as it being of very good quality. This makes it a great addition to any wooden toy lover.
The product doesn’t work so well on carpet as we discovered but amazing on hard floors and best to be set up without playful kittens around!
Overall I would highly recommend this product to any parent and found it to be a wonderful STEM based activity, allowing children to develop early science and engineering skills along with shape and space skills. It promotes the ability to use patience and to sit back and reflect on abilities and actions.

A winner in our household!

Charlotte Peace

My name is Charlotte, myself and my husband Colin have been married for almost 13 years. We have two beautiful children, Florence who is 9 and Maximus who is 6. As a family we love nothing more than walking our gorgeous dog, Willow, getting messy and creative and snuggling up to watch a multitude of films together!

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