Review of the Hape Rhythm Set

Review of the Hape Rhythm Set

06634ac291fd4b1809b0ea7e628e6d3f.jpgHape Rhythm Set consists of  two simple instruments that your little ones can tap, shake and slide. Easy for tiny hands to grasp. A clapper and guiro, these percussion instruments contain safe plastic beads inside to make a gentle sound. Help develop a sense of rhythm.


We were excited to receive this set as we have a few Hape toys in our collection and love the quality feel of the products. It's also a brand we love due to its ethical beliefs and sustainable sourcing of materials with which to make their toys.

The rhythm set arrived carefully wrapped in a decorative paper bag within the box which my son loved as it added to his excitement of getting a new toy! At first I was surprised at the size as they are very small, but in fact they are the perfect size for a young child. My son has just turned 4 and quickly found there were many different ways to make sounds with the instruments and also 'set the rhythm' to sing along to his favorite songs, and he made up some new rhyming songs of his own!

The sounds the toys make are gentle and can be varied depending on how they are used and this encourages the use of a child's imagination to make different music. We also introduced the toys to my goddaughter who is 11 months old and equally she got enjoyment out of the sounds the toys made and she made 17161bee6366acb49bdb9c8ebd7013c0.jpglots of effort to tap the instruments together encouraging both gross and fine motor skills.

I would recommend the toy up to approximately age 4/5 due to the small size, however my 7 and 9 year olds were equally keen to have a go and alongside other instruments they all set to work making a band!

This is a good quality toy that will be enjoyed for many years and the quality means it will be passed on for others to enjoy when my own children outgrow it.

Rhythm Set - Amazon £8.99

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