Review of the Hape Double-Flavoured Birthday Cake

Review of the Hape Double-Flavoured Birthday Cake

715c2ce7240c31b2eeb909ce2b162916.jpgImagine birthday party fun with the Hape Double-Flavoured Birthday Cake. This wooden toy is perfect for role play, learning about food and even introducing the idea of fractions.

Colourful pieces Velcro together to make a beautiful wooden cake. Little ones can decorate their cake with the kiwi and strawberry pieces, learning about fruit as they play. Add the candles to make the perfect birthday cake for role play celebrations or a teddy bear's special day. How many candles is your favourite toy blowing out this year?

Available from Smythes RRP: £12.99


The children were particularly excited to receive this product due to their love of tea parties, role-play and play food and so this product was a welcome addition to our home-corner. From a professional point of view, we also liked the fact that the product was made out of wood rather than plastic as we are slowly moving away from having too much plastic available within our environment, instead preferring to use real or wooden items, and so this was perfect!

In addition to this, the design of the product was not only attractive, but also a good replica of a traditional chocolate cake and we found that the additional wooden €˜Happy Birthday' plaque and fabric €˜strawberries' and €˜kiwis' for additional decoration and role-play opportunities were a lovely touch. Similarly, the fact that the wooden candles could also be removed/added as necessary was appreciated by the children.

The whole product is well-made, well-thought about and 88e721eb96f327b31fbc70c191c5cd51.jpgit was the small touches we were most impressed with, the presentation of the product on a wooden cake plate, complete with additional wooden cake slice too, really supported and extended the children's role play opportunities with this product and they were able to use it to develop a narrative and really extend their play using this product.

Also, an element of the product that was hugely appreciated by the children, was that the cake can be €˜cut' into pieces and divided and shared out, which obviously some plastic play food lacks and so this product not only supported their imaginative play but also their personal, social, emotional development too which is something we are always keen to support and develop.

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