Review of the Hape Classical Bus T1 Walker

Review of the Hape Classical Bus T1 Walker

156005c5baf40ff51a327f1c34f2975b(12).jpgThe classic Volkswagen Camper Van - style red walker is perfect for adventurous toddlers and brave babies! Whether learning to walk or simply pushing their favourite toys around your child will love this stylish walker!

Help your child to learn to walk by beckoning them to push the car towards you, counting out their baby-steps along the way to aid their linguistic development.

As the world's largest producer of wooden toys, Hape is clearly dependent on the use of natural materials. A full line of bamboo toys takes advantage of the special properties of this highly renewable material. Plastic parts are ensured durable enough to last for generations in order to encourage toys to be passed down rather than tossed out.

The Hape Classical Bus T1 Walker (Red) costs £34.99 from Smyths


The Hape Classical Bus T1 Walker (Red) is a German made wooden push along car which looks like a Volkswagen Camper van. It will appeal to Volkswagen lovers and is an official licensed product. It is red and white and is approx.38cm long by 26cm wide. The handle is approx. 46cm high. It has four rubberised wheels which glide well on hard floors and carpet. The car requires  adult assembly but is very easy and only needs a Phillips screwdriver.

The car is suitable for a child of 10 months plus who is a confident walker. If a child is unsteady there is a small chance of stumbling as they push it along. The f3ccdd27d2000e3f9255a7e3e2c48800(11).jpghandle is adjustable to the age of the child . It alters the speed at which the car can go.

The car can be filled with toys or bricks and be pushed along with ease. The wood is solid and will take the rough and tumble of children playing with it.

The car is an unusual design not seen in the shops.

My son who is now 15months can push it well and loves racing along with the Hape Volkswagen Camper Van.

Holly, Nick, Eden and Sidney

Holly, Nick, Eden and Sidney

Holly and Nick are Mum and Dad to Eden, 2 years and Sidney 7 weeks. They love spending time outdoors with family and friends. Eden loves exploring everywhere he goes, water and making lots of music with musical instruments! Sidney loves milk and playing at 3am!

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