Review of the Hape Beaded Raindrops

Review of the Hape Beaded Raindrops

caacc27b9cac554f5f05310e2e6b06dd.jpgTurn this rain maker over and stimulate senses with vibrant trickling beads and soothing raindrop sounds. Perfectly designed shape makes it easy for a toddler to hold.

With the easy grip, you can easily switch this toy into a shake and rattle activity. Great for sensory development.


When we received the Hape beaded raindrops we were impressed with the simple packaging. It meant it was easy to get out, just open the box and out it comes.

On first impressions, the bright colours are very eye-catching and the wooden top and bottom bring a lovely natural feel to it. My 6 month old showed immediate interest and excitement when I held it in front of him. The slim, lightweight design meant he was able to hold it with ease and explore it independently. When we tipped it up to allow all the orange and yellow beads to fall to the bottom it had a very calming effect on him. Between my 6 month old and my 3 year old I was impressed with the variety of ways in which the rain maker could be played with. My 6 month old enjoyed holding it with two hands and shaking it to create a rattle sound, as well as watching the beads fall and listening to the realistic raindrop sound it makes. He also liked the feel of the wooden top, when he put it to his mouth it seemed to give some relief to his teething gums. We d359ca55b31f6d28043cc7e653affb43.jpgalso created a game where I would stand it up and he would knock it over, this game created lots of giggles!

My 3 year old enjoyed putting it on it's side and rolling it back and forth. He also liked putting it upright and challenging himself to see how high he could count before all the beads had fallen to the bottom. Overall, the rain maker provided a great sensory experience to both my children, and as an added bonus it's small enough to fit in our changing bag so we regularly take it out with us to relieve boredom when we're out and about.

Available from Amazon for £10.99

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