Review of the BabytoLove Smart Baby Towel

Review of the BabytoLove Smart Baby Towel

4fa85fa8b4605d598b2152972e7e1769.jpgProduct Information:

Smart Baby Towel is a unique solution for infant bathing. It increases safety with slippery infants by having the towel there when its needed. It also protects parent cloths in the process. This premium towel is huge, super soft, absorbent, durable, and free from gimmicks.

Smart Apron – By wearing the towel, we made it safer for parents to keep their hands on their infant while keeping their cloths dry. The apron is easily adjusted using Velcro.

Extra Large 41 x 43 inches towel which stays in great shape throughout the stages of your child development.

Premium – Made of 100% Cotton, this towel is actually 2 towels stitched together. 2-3x as much absorbent as a regular towel. It is also extra soft and comfy.

Hooded towel is perfect for when your newborn is growing up.

Multi-color – Did you notice how all towels are made of 1 color? That is because towels are painted and not printed. With 2 colors in 1 towel, give your baby options to choose for him/herself.


The Babytolove Baby Towel is designed in France and made in China. It is suitable for newborn babies up to about a year, depending on their size. It measures 106x98cm (approx 43” x 41” ) and has a newborn hood to one side to keep baby’s head dry. I found I did not use the head wrap but lifted the baby into the centre of the towel and wrapped it holding baby with both 9535b1bb7963635272bba2e2c430276e.jpghands.  This particular one was cream coloured on one side and fawn on the other. The hood and straps were made of cotton with a star pattern. The 100% terry cotton was made up of two layers which was very absorbent. When dry the towel is quite heavy due to its size but easily wraps a baby to keep it warm and dry. 

The best thing about the towel is the apron type straps which go behind your neck and fasten with a large Velcro pad to hold the towel in place. This makes it ideal to have a towel ready to dry your baby plus keeps you and your clothes dry. It is NOT designed to hold the baby hands free and a warning does come on the item. 
As well as a bathtime towel this could also be used at the swimming pool or the beach to wrap little ones and toddlers. 

The towel is recommended to be washed at 30degrees.

This towel would make an ideal gift for a first time Mum.

Holly, Nick, Eden and Sidney

Holly, Nick, Eden and Sidney

Holly and Nick are Mum and Dad to Eden, 2 years and Sidney 7 weeks. They love spending time outdoors with family and friends. Eden loves exploring everywhere he goes, water and making lots of music with musical instruments! Sidney loves milk and playing at 3am!

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