Review of Thames and Kosmos Prehistoric Sea Dogs

Review of Thames and Kosmos Prehistoric Sea Dogs

8761ebd99fe04272c2f1410fb869c948.jpgPrehistoric Sea Dogs – an unusual ‘pet’, this experiment kit lets kids breed their own prehistoric crustacean. Place prehistoric eggs into salty water and watch the larvae hatch.  Using the food included, keep them well fed, and watch the hatchlings grow into shrimps.

Available from Thames and Kosmos for £8.99

We have had the Prehistoric Sea Dogs to try out and review. My son was super excited. The box consisted of a bowl, salt sachet, brine shrimp eggs, shrimp food, spatula, pipette and two small measuring cups.

The box recommend for children 8+ I would probably agree. There is quite a lot to do to get the sea dogs to hatch and grow. If your lucky enough for them to even do so.  According to the instructions 90% die before they grow up. They do need checking on daily. I think even an eight year old would need help setting up and looking after these. 

To set up the bowl you have to boil up 250ml of water, allow it to cool then stir in the salt. You then stir in four spatula tips worth of eggs into the salty water and leave it somewhere quiet that is a constant temperature. Then you wait for a couple of days. 

We checked the water each day and was very excited to see the dots twitching. We did have to look very carefully. It says to use the magnifying glass but this box doesn't come with one. So you a6e82746e9c01e343cfa98aa135bffff.jpgmay need to invest in one so you see them more clearly. Now it's time to feed them and to look after the aquarium. You feed them a very small about of the shrimp feed every two weeks and oxygenated the water daily by gently stirring the water with the spatula several times a day or by blowing air bubbles in with the pipette. Keep an eye on them after four weeks they will be fully grown. 

We didn't manage to get our ones to full size which was a bit of a shame, but the box does come with plenty of eggs and feed so we can try again. 

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