Review of Strictly Briks Stackable Brik Bases

Review of Strictly Briks Stackable Brik Bases

8dfba16e17b90848e27275582eb08d92.jpgSet of 12 Strictly Briks 7.5 x 3.75 Big Briks„¢ Stackable Baseplates with 6 x 12 large big dot pegs in multiple color options.

Quickly and easily build towers, skyscrapers, parking garages, castles, or other structures that stand out above the rest! Unlike other brands, these unique base plates have bottoms that are designed to be stacked and combined with your existing bricks for tons of different construction possibilities.

Big Briks Stackable Baseplates are compatible with LEGO® base plates and all major brands of large brick sets, including LEGO®, DUPLO®, and Mega Bloks® brand sets.


I was given the opportunity to review the Strictly Briks stackable brik bases and the large green brick base.

I got them out the packet and straight away my four year old son was very excited to play with them! 

Straight away he began connecting his Duplo blocks to the brik boards; there was no struggling they fitted perfectly. Before i knew it he was then making all sorts of different things and laying them all out connecting them together! They are just as good as the leading brand. The boards are very sturdy and made well. 

You can also lay the boards on top of the Duplo bricks to make a 'roof' rather than being used for the floor which is a great feature.
I particularly liked the rainbow colours it was a great opportunity to introduce some €˜learning' games without him knowing and we played a matching game where he had to match the bricks with the different coloured 555a39e4d7cb710656816808080f37ae.jpgboards, he thought this was brilliant! 

As there was so many boards he was able to stack them in different ways, and  he enjoyed making a car garage!
The thing I like about this product is they are stackable, bright and a perfect for a rain or shine activity! 

Overall I feel this is a great product and I would not hesitate to recommend this to friends and family who also have building loving children like myself! 

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