Review of Strictly Briks Construction Tower

Review of Strictly Briks Construction Tower

82c65f3d3de4c1874ae6696f3410554b.jpgStrictly Briks Tower Construction items are compatible with all major brands. 

Each baseplate can be stacked vertically by using the bonus briks as spacers. Stacked baseplates let your imagination run wild! Quickly and easily build a tower, office, parking garage, castle, or other structure that stands out from the rest!

Use this base plate set to maximize play space and conveniently organize all kinds of toys, from mini-figures to action figures to toy cars and more. Use your creativity to showcase any of your toys in one easy display.

This set includes 2 green, 2 blue, and 2 gray stackable base plates that measure 6" x 6", along with 50 Multicolored New and Improved 2 X 2 Stackers.


"I was very happy to be given the opportunity to review the Strictly Briks 6x6 stackable baseplates with 50 stackers, I thought this was a great product for my 4 year old Lego mad son to review.

He got extremely excited when I got them out of the packet and immediately went and got his own major brand bricks to start building on the base plates.

I showed him the instruction booklet which is colourful, very simple and easy to follow but he began to complete his own structures using his own Lego!

The baseplate fits extremely well and is easy to put on the stackers. It is very sturdy when built. My son enjoyed using all the 6 base plates to make a €˜tall garage' to store his cars 48bbec90a0b318240d58b2d7a615fcfc.jpghe made! It actually makes a great shelf to store the small models on or the people which is an added bonus as I never know where to keep them! 

I was very impressed with how well the €˜major brands' fit, you wouldn't even know! I found the colours of the baseplates to be bright and the baseplates are a good size. These are good quality and allow the kids to use a little more imagination when playing with building bricks. 

I think the best thing about these is they stack so it makes it a bit different for them! 

These are a brilliant addition to our forever growing brick building collection!" 

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