Review of Story Creations from OjO

Review of Story Creations from OjO

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Four fantastic new games for STEM fans are open for investment through the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform until 25th November 2019: learn about our solar system and the impact of space waste in Space Rescuers; discover the world of robotics in Robot Workshop; learn about palaeontology, tools used by real archaeologists, and carbon dating, in fossil-hunting game Dino Age Journey; and travel through the human body, learning about major organs and a healthy diet, in Food Battles.

OjO is a pioneering ‘smart’ toy company for young, future innovators. They develop problem solving kits and family games that stimulate children’s curiosity, problem solving and critical thinking skills, with a firm emphasis on learning by doing and having fun!

OjO’s games promote the core STREAM skills: Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering and Mathematics, to foster deeper engagement, understanding and retention for children in a variety of STREAM subjects. Through their games and toys, OjO are preparing the next generation for future career exploration.

Travel around a world of strange and wonderful possibilities with Story Creations, a fun family game based on Charades, to stimulate storytelling and creativity.


We received Ojo's Story Creations in return for an honest review.  Our play started promisingly settling out the cards and popping out the tokens. The aim of the game is not to be the first across the board ... everyone gets a chance to get to the final island... the winner is the person with the most tokens. You get a token for 72a7a1a49759f752cc3d210ce9e312fb.jpgmaking sure your story includes the theme, 2 words stated on the card and by using a Special Effect Story Technique.

You get one minute to think up and tell your story and the game includes a sand timer.

Unfortunately we haven't yet reached the conclusion of this game but we will give it another chance!

It may have helped if I'd played the game first without my DD so we didn't have to refer to the instructions.. it may have made the game smoother and accepted more happily. 


  • It will get your kids thinking up short stories.
  • Beautiful board game with pleasing colours
  • There's an app to download 


There was no real explanation of special effect story techniques... but OjO have explained the techniques to us...which made the second game so much funnier!

  • Include a conversation: Share a story which involves a conversation between two characters!
  • Quiet: Share quietly a story (calls the rest of the players to listen better)
  • Sound effects: Share a story that calls you to create special effects using sounds!
  • Running: share a story while running on the same spot!
  • Loud: Share a story really loudly and passionately!
  • Blind: share a story with your eyes closed!

The instructions do not say, but the box says there are more information and tips on how to play on their website but I couldn't find any. This is due to be added to their website so that other players can joing the fun of OjO.

Since writing this review we have played the game a couple of more times and are getting the hang of it! My daughter seems to enjoy playing it when her friends join in, rather than just Mum and Dad! It isn't the simplest of games to start with, but once you get the hang of it creating stories together is great fun!

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