Review of Stack the Bones Game

Review of Stack the Bones Game

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The Stack the Bones game £26.99 from Amazon is great for the whole family, simply see how high you can stack by removing lower blocks and adding them to the top.


We have had the stack the bones game to play and review, this game is suitable for children 3+ it comes in a solid box with the instructions printed on the side of the base part of the box they explain how to set up and play the game. All the pieces fit nicely and easily stack inside the box ready for the next time you play.

I have three children aged 11, 9 and 7 they have all played this game and enjoyed it, the younger two have played it the most. It's an easy game for them to play together independently. They can also play the game by themselves if they want to. Its suitable for 1 or more players. 

Stack the bones is similar to other stacking games but has a few additional rules which makes it a bit different. It has a skull shape that sits on top of the tower. Players must use one hand to remove one of the bones from the stack and place it on the top to complete a row. This can be tricky with the skull on top. A bone can be put either side but when it comes to adding the last bone to finish the row the player must pick up 0f5b7d429ed3499d09dffcc6ecd78fcd.jpgthe skull head place the bone on the tower and then place the skull back on also. All while using one hand and avoiding knocking over the tower. If the head falls but doesn't knock over any of the tower you have to remove a bone from the top layer and slide it back into the tower. You then have to take another bone from the tower and put it on top before standing the skull back on. The winner is the last person to place a bone on without knocking over the tower. My children though it was very funny when it all came crashing down. 

My nine year old had fun just playing with the different parts of the game and making them into different skeleton shapes. They also thought it would be a really good game to play at a Halloween party with friends. 

Stack the bones has definitely been a hit in our house

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