Review of Rummikub

Review of Rummikub

e8b242b1175180a63224ea3934d7515d.jpgRummikub is a great game for the whole family to enjoy playing together, it was easy to assemble and we started the game quickly. The instructions were easy to read with clear examples (in pictures) of the various moves that can be made in the game. The box includes four playing racks and 106 durable plastic playing pieces called tiles, including jokers which are used as "wilds". We played the "classic" version of the game.

Each player begins by choosing 14 tiles and the aim of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your tiles. Players do this by taking turns to place their tiles strategically on the table in "groups" or "sets".

As the name suggests, it is similar to the card game "Rummy" however we found that Rummikub was a much better way to play this classic game. Little hands often struggle with multiple playing cards, but the chunky tiles in Rummikub are easy to hold and the large playing racks make it easy to arrange and rearrange your tiles when you are planning your next move.

The great thing about Rummikub is that the game is very different every time you play and  you learn new strategies quickly to improve your game. Once the children had mastered the various different moves you can make, they became more strategic in their thinking and took their time to make the best move possible each time. You can't take too long though, if you 5194b0f009e6d1639bdd3d16072840ee.jpgtake longer than a minute to make your move, or are unable to place any tiles on the table, you forfeit your go and have to take an extra three tiles to add to your rack!

As a mum, I was pleased that Rummikub is both a strategic and educational game, with younger children using more basic skills of colour matching and number sequencing. It was also great to find a game that both my children (aged 7 and 10 years) could easily play together on a level playing field as the game is based as much on luck, as it is on strategy!

This classic game will be a firm favourite in our house for many years to come, we loved it!

RRP: £24.99 | Age: 7+

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