Review of Rubik's Flip

Review of Rubik's Flip

ea406ceaa6176b51da9580f907cb87aa.jpgRubik's Flip is a game the whole family can play together. The rules are quick to pick up, and the set-up is easy. With only 16 squares to play on, games can be speedy to play and quick to end, and kids won't get bored. I enjoyed it precisely because of that €“ games were really quick, but then after you start playing, it gets addictive and it is easy to reset and restart.

I think it would be a great game to take on a long car journey because it's quite small and there are trays which fold over and keep the tiles in place. This makes it easy to keep the pieces all together. It is the sort of game which could keep kids entertained for hours, on a rainy afternoon.

It is easy to learn the rules and get playing, but once you're familiar with the rules and the rhythm of the game there are several things to think about, like which colour tiles to lay, if you are expecting your opponent to flip them, and also if you are thinking a few moves ahead you might try placing a tile somewhere in the hope that it will be moved. So although the game can be quick, you can get caught up in predicting what your opponent might (or might not!) do.

We are a family of five; three girls (aged 13, 11 & 9) and Mum and Dad. We all enjoyed playing it - but a7a0f09f100e7a38a883b28e49270da8.jpgMum was the most competitive! 

Rubik's Flip was also good because grown-ups can play with children - it's a level playing field and because the rules are simple, grown-ups don't have an advantage.

I recommend this game.

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