Review of Rubik's Battle

Review of Rubik's Battle

f6dafc48df3d2172b06192822b9ad624.jpgPlayers Play All Together And Win Cards From One Another By Being The First To Find Color Matches Or Mismatches On The Cards. This 3.75X4.625X.75 Inch Package Contains 60 Battle Cards And Instructions. Recommended For Ages 7 And Up. Imported.


We have had the rubik's battle card game to play and review. This game come with 60 battle cards all in a travel size box. Which is really handy to just pop in your bag and take with you. If your like me and are always out at different clubs and need something to entertain the other children while you wait. The game is suitable for 2 to 6 players Ages 7 and up. My children range from 5 - 9 years and they all had a go at playing this game with me. The youngest one of 5 did need a bit of support but I'm sure he will understand it a bit more the more we play it. The older two that are 7 and 9 are able to play it independently together. They all really enjoyed playing and keep asking me if I have it in my bag when I'm out.

The idea of the game is to be the player holding all the Rubik's battle cards at the end of the game. This makes you the winner. To play you deal out all the cards. And keep them face down in front of you. ( the same as you would if you 7cf2e9714033a8b86c67a198203363c7.jpgare playing snap). All together you turn over the top card and put it in the middle of the table. Now for the challenging bit. You have to look at all the cards and call out a colour that is on your card but no one else's or that they have but you don't. If you are the first person to do this you win the cards. If no one can win the cards then you leave the cards in the middle and turn over the next card. Whoever win's the next go will get all the cards that are in the middle. Rubik's battle can also be called out if two players turn over exactly the same cards. The first player to call out rubik's battle collects all the cards from the other player and that person is out of the game. The instructions that come with the game have little diagrams in which we showed to the  children when we was explaining how to play. Which helped. We then just gave it a go and started to play.  It didn't take them long to get the hang off it they really enjoyed playing it.  I would definitely recommend this game to other people.

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