Review of Play Prompts

Review of Play Prompts

68a8e3a074be95f654ba0c33249864bc.jpgProduct Information:

You’ve got enough to think about without having to come up with endless play ideas – and who’s got time to trawl through Pinterest for hours?

A pack of original playPROMPTS removes the brain power needed to come up with activities so you can sit back and simply enjoy the magic of child’s play!

Enjoy a moment’s peace without the faff of planning what to do to keep them entertained. As an early years specialist, I’ve done the hard work for you – although, thankfully it never feels like work to me.

The original playPROMPTS includes activities that are fuss-free, quick to set-up, and suitable for indoor and outdoor play. Designed to keep your child occupied for ages, you can either join in and soak up the joy of being little or finally go and get some things done!

Gift idea! If you're giving playPROMPTS as a gift, you can PERSONALISE your pack too! And you could pair them with a tool set, little pots and pans or some brightly coloured scoops too!

Each pack of original playPROMPTS contains:

  • 100 playPROMPTS activity ideas on colourful cards
  • A short introduction to PlayPROMPTS
  • Comes in a matchbox style cardboard box. Both box and cards are printed on FSC certified paper in Bristol, UK.
  • printable version now available, options below- pdf download version sent via email

Suitable for 12 months until at least 5 years old.


When the opportunity to try these ‘Play Prompts’ came up, I immediately jumped d8f01f12155d2284126bbda7d1f3d687.jpgat the chance! I have been following Claire from ‘PlayHooray!’ on Instagram for over a year and I have always been intrigued to see what her ‘Play Prompts’ are about.

What’s really nice about this product is that the ideas are really simple and most of them can be done using what you have at home and don’t require you to spend any money on buying additional resources.

As well as this, they don’t take forever to set up which means you aren’t going to feel disappointed if your little one decides they aren’t that interested in doing it for very long! The other thing that is really appealing about these cards, is that the play ideas are so open ended, there are opportunities to extend the learning if you want to. For example, one of the activities that we tried was from the ‘Original Play Prompts’ and was to put some splodges of different coloured paint in a ziplock bag and then squidge the bag together and see what happened to the paint. This in itself was a really fun activity, but it also enabled us to do a little bit of letter practise by using a cotton bud on the bags of paint to write the letter shapes after we’d finished squidging!

As well as the ‘Play Prompts’ I also received a journal. In the journal are some extra play ideas as well as spaces to record experiences (both play and non play related) that you have had with your child. This journal is great for two reasons – firstly it is a great little memory book to look back on once my little one has grown up and, secondly, it is really useful to be able to refer back to and remind me of some of the play ideas I can use again when I’m feeling less inspired that really captured her attention!

Each Play Prompts pack is designed for a specific age range and with a specific focus (we got to enjoy original (age 1+), play dough (ages 1+), bath time (age 1+) and outdoor (age 1+)) and we will definitely be looking to buy some more packs in the future!

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