Review of Personalised Petlandia Book

Review of Personalised Petlandia Book


75e56a6a7da42215cebabd48ff2ee5fb.jpgWe ordered the Petlandia adventure book. It was really easy to do and great fun for the kids. My daughter who is eight years old was able to do it independently. 

You start off by choosing which type of pet you want. You can select from a dog, cat or rabbit. We chose a rabbit. It then asks you to fill in information about your pet, for example name; gender, where the pet if from, before then adding similar information about the child. Once this is done the child then designs their pet by choosing from all different rabbits and changing the eye colour. If you have a dog you can also add things like collars. When you are happy with your pet you click to save and it shows you a whole preview of the book before you commit to purchasing it.

We received our book after a few days. My daughter couldn't wait to open the package when it arrived. She absolutley loves the book! She hasn't put it down since it arrived. 

The book is really good quality. The pictures and text are very clear making it easier for the children to read. It comes with a printed personalised message to the child on the first page, which is lovely. 

The story is about your pet wanting to go off and find fame. They become famous and have everything the could ever want. However, they soon realise that they may have everything but they miss their friendship with there f075e35905cb6c8c272f57b9b0228268.jpgowner (your child named in the book) and the pet gives up fame and heads home. "Ah that's a lovely story" was my daughter's response when she finished reading the book. 

About the Book...

Looking for a unique gift for a pet lover? Know someone who is crazy about animals but seems to have everything?  Well, welcome to the World of Petlandia!  A beautiful, fun, hand illustrated, personalised story featuring a named pet is the answer to your gifting nightmares!
Give your pet or the pet of someone you love a starring role in a personalised storybook! Each totally unique €œAdventures in Petlandia€ book stars a unique avatar of a pet and its owner. The howling mad tale of fame, fortune, loneliness and love sees the pet jetting off to Petlandia, a crazy world of celebrity furballs, social petworking and four legged lunacy!  Petlandia books can be created starring dogs, cats and rabbits! 

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