Review Of Micro Chopper Deluxe Balance Bike 2in1

Review Of Micro Chopper Deluxe Balance Bike 2in1

56dc24e8544e431347c38e8a48d04c98.jpgMicro Chopper Deluxe Balance Bike 2 in 1

Suitable for ages 2-5

Five Reasons to Love the Micro Chopper Deluxe Balance Bike 2in1

  1. This 2 in 1 Balance Bike has front suspension ensuring a smooth ride on the roughest of surfaces.
  2. Detachable stability wheels help your child feel safe and secure while learning to balance.
  3. One of the lightest balance bikes on the market weighing in at 2.45kg / 5.4 lbs which allows your child to master balancing quicker and easier as they don’t have to negotiate a heavy weight.
  4. Adjustable seat and handlebar allows you to position the bike at the perfect height for your child.
  5. Puncture free wheels and retro style wide chopper handlebars are added features to this clever little bike.

RRP: £124.95 (available in Aqua, Pink, Blue)

Link to buy:


Received my Micro Chopper Deluxe Balance Bike 2in1 and was pleasantly surprised when I opened it . Colourful and bright and eye catching to the children .Only had to put handle bar on which took five minutes, it came with allen keys to assemble . The bike was nice and light for the 2 year old and didn't take long to get the hang of it in the park .

It was easy to steer and control for toddler didn't take long to become confident and had great fun, bike came with two wheels plus attachment with two small wheels to put in placement of back wheel to give more stability to first time riders, the only thing 324858144ced731146ea8d191544d2c0.jpgI can fault was the instructions to fit attachment wasn't very clear on attaching but I worked it out. I would definitely buy another well worth the money.

Mary Gannon (Childminder)


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