Review of Magicube Word Building Set

Review of Magicube Word Building Set

c496c5053761aa4a7b21a19cbd7d0294.jpgProduct Information:

The Geomag 84 Magicube Word Building Set £38 from Amazon.  With 79 pieces there is plenty to enjoy. The magnetic blocks and clips are magnetic and help a child stack, build and spell. Strengthening early literacy skills as they recognise letters and make their first words. The set comes complete with an illustrated booklet containing tips and examples which the whole family can enjoy.


Upon receiving the magic cube word building activity both my children were so excited! My seven year old loves teaching her 4 year old sister her phonic sounds and loved having a new toy/teaching aid to help! Being able to make the learning fun made my four year old really engage and she enjoyed learning the pictures and letters. My four year old was able to independently find the letters for her name and also find letters to make word chains. We taught her to say the sound when she joined a letter on so she was regularly practising individual sounds and would then blend her sounds to make the word.

My seven year old also enjoyed this toy as she used it to make word grids and enjoyed seeing how many words she could get to link. She loves teaching her sister and loved this addition.

I think this is a great game to encourage phonic learning and has improved my daughters blending already and we only received the game 2 days ago, this will continue to be a f7f2a1def7d3ad0450405c8c4d98b14b.jpgregular activity to build on her knowledge. I would definitely recommend this to other parents with children who are at the beginning of their phonics journey and it would also work well as a group activity in nurseries or schools. After the success with this I intend to buy the numeric version too so we can carry on our learning journey in a fun way!

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