Review of Magicube Math Building Set

Review of Magicube Math Building Set

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The Geomag 83 Magicube Math Building Set is £50 from Amazon is a multicoloured and vibrant 71 piece building block set that uses magnetic forces to join together and encourage building and counting. It is a great first maths set that encourages number recognition, sums and problem solving. Make calculations to different levels as children progress. The Geomag Maths Set offers a fun approach to early learning activities and ensure kids gain fluency in their basic skills as well as encouraging them to look for solutions with a hands-on approach to learning.  The set is great is great investment for those early years, into pre-school and will follow a child into primary education.


We were so excited to review the Magicube maths building blocks because both my boys (aged 2 and 4) love numbers!

When we first opened the box my 4 year old commented on how colourful the blocks were and he began making different arrangements with them. The magnets inside the blocks allow for more elaborate structures to be built, and causes less frustration than other building blocks because they're more sturdy and less likely to collapse or fall down.

Next I introduced the number tiles. My 4 year old counted that there was 16 blocks so he found the numbers 1-16 and placed one number tile on each block. He then spent some time creating different sized towers and placing the number tiles in random orders on each block. I then introduced 01f403f8a37f0e3ee70bc831071e2f33.jpgthe addition, subtraction and equals symbols and together we did some simple maths questions. He really enjoyed finding the correct number time once he'd worked out the answer.

The box says it's suitable for 3+ but there's no reason why younger children can't use it with supervision. My 2 year old loves numbers so he enjoyed creating a number line from 1-10 and naming each number. After playing with this set for just one day he's already learnt to recognise three more numbers higher than ten. So it's a great visual tool to have at home, as most toys catered for his age only display numbers from 1-10. He also loved matching the coloured blocks together and creating different sized groups of colours. This led to conversations about "more" and "less" and we even went on to find objects around the house to match the colours. The learning possibilities from this set really are endless! And I feel like it's not something my children will grow out of for years to come as we haven't even explored the division, times tables or 'more than' / 'less than' symbols yet. Its a big thumbs up from us!

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