Review of Learning Resources Coding Critters

Review of Learning Resources Coding Critters

9333749ea4218720d25e27835ba91a63.jpgProduct Information:

Children as young as four will love exploring and playing with these screen-free, interactive coding pets. Each Coding Critter will introduce basic coding and programming skills in an engaging and hands-on way. The pet-themed coding sets all come with a storybook adventure and different challenges that encourage children to discover and learn different programming concepts. As well as a code mode the pets all feature a dance mode too, providing endless fun for your early learners.
RRP: £40.00 each
Ages: 4+


We received coding critters programmable cat and both my children were immediately excited to explore it. 

There was very little assembly and they were able to start playing very quickly which was great.  The cat is able to be programmed with one or more instructions and my four year old was able to play at a level that was appropriate to him (randomly pressing buttons and enjoying the results!).

My 6 year old was able to programme the cat to take the path she wanted and she even encouraged me to set her challenges of where to try and get it to. The only slight drawback with this is that a turn is not a quarter turn, therefore it was slightly difficult to predict the turning or make a teaching point of 360 degrees for a circle.

The set comes with various accessories,  a house for the cat to go to, a little cat friend and slide.  The little cat has a magnet in it acc47ca8678197f7cc9f8900114c968f.jpgthat means the programmable cat can take it on journeys. There are little cards to support children to plan their journeys and there is also a story book that comes with the set which is a fantastic way to engage children in reading alongside their play. 

It is all very well made and seems sturdy.  It has been well received in our house and played with a lot.  It is a great first introduction to programmable toys and was something the whole family could enjoy playing together. I would highly recommend this toy! 

The Howting Family

The Howting Family

Isabella and Ben are the cutest half of our family - aged 5 and 3 they keep Mummy and Daddy on our toes! As a family we love getting creative, making a mess (Ben), dressing up (Isabella) and family days out.

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