Review of Kurio Snap

Review of Kurio Snap


482b29b928690871c48333f0c534b42f.jpgMy daughter received the Kurio Snap camera and because of her love of cameras, taking pictures and generally being centre of attention she was very excited to use it straight away.  The packaging was good and the camera itself was a great size and easy to handle. The rubber protective cover was a nice touch and worked well. My daughter wanted to play with it straight away however it takes three hours on it's initial charge so if you were to buy it as a Christmas present then it is worth charging it beforehand.

Once it was charged I found the instructions for setting the camera up easy to understand even for my technologically challenged mind. They were clear and simple without too many steps to follow. We didn't try putting the photo's my daughter had taken onto a laptop but this also seemed quite undemanding. My daughter found the touch screen easy to navigate and liked the games.

The picture quality in low light is not as good as I had hoped it would be. The pictures came out grainy even with the flash on and they were difficult to see. You had to be in bright natural light to get any colour or for the picture to come out at all. For it's price tag it was very disappointing. That being said my daughter didn't seem too bothered, and enjoyed the special effects that could be added. There were a lot of positives for this product however it 2c4f257ba88ad92801e4ed8aa5225d11.jpgis let down by it's picture quality, a good 1st camera for out and about - perfect for using when on holiday!

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