Review of Hape Sand Toys

Review of Hape Sand Toys

fc260b60832c28d919a1020eb3ed6b64.jpgProduct Information:

Hape Dune Buggy Red: With a tilting body and easy-to-grip handle, children will love pushing this colorful dune buggy around. Its low-profile tires and independently turning wheels make it ideal for use indoors and out!

Hape Power Paw Red: Play in the sand and dig giant holes with this fun and brightly coloured sturdy Power Paw! L: 21, W: 17, H: 7.5cm

Hape Rain Shovel: a perfect toy for your child playing and experimenting with bath water and sand on the beach, playground or garden. Suitable for children aged 18 months and up.


I can not praise these toys enough, my kids loved them!

I have two girls aged three and six and I initially thought they would only be of interest to my youngest but in reality they both enjoyed all of the toys. They decided after 10 minutes of playing with them on the sand table that they wanted them to be water toys and very happily took them into the pool!

The claw was a great source of fun for them chasing each other round throwing water over themselves and me! The dune buggy became a ‘submarine car’ which they loved playing with under water and the spade with the holes at the end was the shower for the dolls they were using when they had finished on the submarine. They were all also used for a very soggy water fight which they both thoroughly enjoyed.

The toys did end up back in the sand towards the e23eb468329a0dd9ea2573f666cbe117.jpgend of the day and the girls continued to play and had great fun with them. They loved the way the dune buggy moved and wasn’t a solid car but had flexibility and enjoyed building hills to drive it over.

All in all these toys seem very hard wearing and enabled my kids to play happily together for a long time and they were doing lots of lovely imaginative play. I would definitely recommend to other parents.

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