Review of Hape Rolling Roadster and Sky Flyer

Review of Hape Rolling Roadster and Sky Flyer

087ba69afb675f4990e6809a45af0910.jpgSky Flyer Aqua...

Soar the skies in style. Take flight with this fast and furious classic propeller plane.

Talk about what it could be like to fly bigger planes.

Encourages gripping strength and fine motor skills

This is a turquoise and white painted wooden and plastic toy in the shape of a propeller aeroplane. It is approx 12cm long and 12cm wide. The plane has a white propeller at the front which is plastic and bolted on well and two wheels for pushing along. The plane can be pushed along by a wooden knob on the top. It runs well along the floor. It is suitable for a child who has learnt to play with toy cars and enjoys pushing things along. The bottom of the plane is securely screwed with solid Philips screws. It is a very nice solid toy which is well made and can probably take serious crashing into furniture!

Rolling Roadster.....

Edge out the competition with this classic little race car.

Stylish design, easy for little hands to grasp and manipulate.

Solid wood construction.

Made with a commitment to sustainability, compliant with international safety and quality standards.

This car is approx 12cm long and 10cm wide. It is red and white painted wood and plastic. The car has four wheels which make the car go in a circular or wiggly direction. The car does not go straight but a child may find the car fun. It has a wooden knob on the top 364273dc83df7723b32c1ee05fa31e4c.jpgsuitable for young children’s hands. It is a good solid car which is screwed together well and again will take a lot of bashing!

My vehicle mad son loved both of these and I love the fact that Hape produce such good quality toys with such bright, fun designs!

Holly, Nick, Eden and Sidney

Holly, Nick, Eden and Sidney

Holly and Nick are Mum and Dad to Eden, 2 years and Sidney 7 weeks. They love spending time outdoors with family and friends. Eden loves exploring everywhere he goes, water and making lots of music with musical instruments! Sidney loves milk and playing at 3am!

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