Review of Hape Kitchen Toys

Review of Hape Kitchen Toys

b16f70dd293159c34d1618b9ef922e36.jpgProduct Information:

Capturing elements of sorting, slicing, combining and serving, it’s Hape’s Tasty Proteins. Helping build muscle this set includes chicken leg with removable flesh, fish to be scaled, bacon rashers, a prime cut of steak and lemon to be squeezed. Hape’s Tasty Protein Set is available to buy online for £22.42 from Amazon.

Polish up on those cooking skills, and get children involved in dinner preparations with the Cooking Essentials Set, complete with a number of vegetables for trimming, peeling and chopping as well as cheese for grating and potato’s for peeling on your very own chopping board. When learning to cook you need the essentials and that is exactly what you get. Hape’s Cooking Essential Set is available to buy online for £24.61 from Amazon.

Love a sweet treat? Make your very own Cupcakes with this adorable playset from Hape. Includes four cases, four servings of cake with a selection of 10 tasty toppings to decorate. From birthday candles, a zing of fruit, to a dollop of icing or waffles allows you to mix up your cupcake flavours. Keep them all to yourself or distribute amongst family and friends. Hape’s Cupcakes Set is available to buy online for £18.66 from Amazon.


When I first saw these I thought how well they were packaged easy to put away.  

I was a little worried my daughters aged 5 and 7 would find them babyish. But Far from it they 756e92def58c09d43041521334ceb28b.jpghad a wonderful time playing shops, cafes and cooking for mummy. They were also brilliant to pack up and take to nanny’s.

I found them very well made and dog proof! We also have a two year old who visits regularly and she loves to get them out and do lots of role play and learning different foods. I would definitely recommend the product to any parents with young children very good quality and look nice. We also packed them up and took camping which was perfect for the chill out time. Also didn’t loose any because of their size. Plus if they got left outside in rain they didn’t get ruined.

The 3 sets provide such a great range of utensils and foods; the girls really felt like they were chefs in the kitchen!

Jo and Family

Jo and Ross have 2 girls, aged 5 and 7 years. They love small world, role play, Star Wars, camping and craft activities.

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