Review of Hape Happy Hour Clock

Review of Hape Happy Hour Clock


2415892abdba92885bf02a9ddf779e86.jpgWhat time is it? Here Hape is introducing the Happy Hour Clock to help. Time telling is an essential skill for both adults and children. Why not have fun while learning about time and numbers.

This Happy Hour Clock is colour and educational, perfect for children aged 3 years and older. The Clock consists of 13 pieces. Sticking with a restricted colour range of 4 colours, red, blue, yellow and green, the toy is not overwhelming and keeps the entertainment of learning. The Clock has a big smiley face and easy portable pieces that children can take out of the base. Get involved and watch child grow in confidence as they develop new skills.

The Happy Hour Clock help teaches time, like hours and minutes along side learning about numbers and colours. With the movable clock hands help your child understand the differences with hours, minutes, o'clock and half past. Developing their recognition skills and differentiation skills.

Learning about time is essential because it will help the children understand planning and arranging things. Also, time keeping, and management is an excellent skill to have, no what matter how old.

Hape keeps a high standard and quality of toys using natural, durable and sustainable materials. The Happy Hour Clock consists of Wood and Water-Based Paint. This clock is eco-friendly and safe for your kids to use thanks to Hape's absent use of harmful chemicals. Doing regular safety and quality checks, Hape is a company that parents a5de64352a0bec0f371b291d1bc52627.jpgcan trust. Hape's goal is to make sure their toys are both fun and learning experience, to inspire children through play and learning. These toys put no barriers in your child's learning and developing experience. Promoting social, emotional, sensory and physical skills.

See your child's knowledge grow as they play with the Hape Happy Hour Clock. Understanding how to read time. Practising their new skill and learn to think independently.€‹€‹


Myself and my children were recently lucky enough to have the chance to explore the Hape Wooden Clock Puzzle. Firstly the clock is an all wood product and of a really good quality. The clock has 12 wooden puzzle pieces numbered 1-12 and two sturdy, moveable clock hands. I initially felt this product may be appealing to both my 4 year old son and 7 year old daughter but for different reasons. Unfortunately the puzzle aspect of the product was a little to simple for my son who although explored the toy to begin with very soon became bored once he had succeeded. My daughter is currently very keen on learning to tell the time but appears to want to use a 'real' clock to do so.
The product is definitely one I would consider as a gift for a younger child as the puzzle is quite basic. Equally, I wouldn't rule out the toy for an older child who was eager to learn to tell the time providing they would use this tool to do so.

Overall, a really lovely product and one I would definitely recommend to a friend providing they were of the right developmental age or interest levels.

The Hape Happy Hour Clock has dimensions (LWH) of 30 x 30 x 3.6 cm and cost is £13.99 from Amazon

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