Review of Hape 1-2-3 Shape Sorter

Review of Hape 1-2-3 Shape Sorter

1f6b43aef0484933e6bc42f89ab358cd.jpgDrop the shapes into the holes then roll it on its way.

Count the pieces. Name the shapes. Name the colours. Fill the wheel and watch it roll.

Age: 12+ Months

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My little boy who has just turned one was excited to see what was going to come out of the box, it’s a simple toy with great affect for my sons age.  It’s a great toy to play with together , trying to match up the shapes or just putting one block on top of the other so your little one can knock them down!

There are three coloured shapes that match up to the three coloured holes for them to go in, it was great to see my little one trying to figure out which shape goes in which hole and the smile on his face once he had managed to fit one in the correct hole was also lovely to see.

He couldn’t at first figure out how to get the shapes out and did get annoyed that he couldn’t get the shapes out but there is a piece of elastic at the bottom which he could slip his hand into and it not get stuck and pull out the shapes, so that he could have another go. 

As we all know with young children everything ends up in the mouth so what was great is that the shapes were big enough so that if he did put them in his 91f7b55dfdb204283eedb6473b777de2.jpgmouth there was no risk of him choking on small pieces which meant he could play independently which gives you a chance to have a sip of your cold coffee that you made an hour ago.

The bright colours made it more stimulating to play with and overall I would recommend this product.

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