Review of Hape

Review of Hape

d337246bc8cc743ffef157d14be8d245.jpgProduct Information:

Children's Chef Set - includes a chef's hat, an apron, an oven glove, a pot holder and five measuring spoons of measuring spoons and other accessories can be stored in the pocket of the apron

Cook and Serve Set - includes plates, cutlery, saucepans and salt and pepper shakers

Smoothie Blender Playset - includes orange, apple, strawberry, watermelon and baby spinach, three smoothie flavors, two cups and two straws.


Chef's Set and Cook and Serve Set.

I have nothing but good things to say about these toys, my youngest, aged 3, opened this when we had friends around. Her and her friend (aged 4) played for nearly 3 hours without pause, they played house, restaurants etc and thoroughly enjoyed it! They loved the cooks hat and apron (very cute), the role play element was helped by this and they really enjoyed taking it in turns to be the chef and tell us all what food was available. The plates and cutlery were a great size for little hands, they loved serving food from the pan onto the plates, they really enjoyed being able to ‘use’ salt and pepper as they are not normally allowed!

My eldest daughter, aged 6, has not shown much interest in these toys, despite my 3 year old trying to get her to play so I would say the age range would be 2-5 although some older children may enjoy role play more and be happy to participate so be9fe523be01619b74d0adcaac593238.jpgthis is purely an opinion based on my own children.

From a parent appoint of view the toys are sturdy and do not feel like they will break easily, there are no small parts so it would be suitable for younger children too. I think this is a toy the kids will be using for a long time to come. I have seen some of the other toys available in the range and may expand our Hape kitchen to include the smoothie maker too.

Smoothie Blender Playset.

My 4yr old really enjoyed playing with the Hape smoothie blender. The set comes with 2 cups, 2 straws and some toy fruits such as an orange and watermelon. The Blender itself is made of a combination of plastic and wood, it is reasonably well made and is very pleasing on the eye. It is relatively easy to set the blender up for use although can be tough for a young child to re-assemble once de-assembled.

My youngest enjoyed telling me she was making a “Healthy and delicious smoothie” for me and would ask if I liked her various concoctions. I did feel that there could have been a few more fruits added but my daughter started putting her own in the blender once bored of the ingredients that came with it.

The blender itself has a red button and when pushed can spin the fruits round, this is quite cumbersome as you must get the blender to sit 1a9aaa5dcce6079eb0a1b69accaa2c04.jpgright for this action to work correctly. This can be a little bit tricky for a 4yr old to set up right and you might find yourself having to reset the blender various times depending on your child’s enthusiasm to create numerous smoothies. The Red button is also a little stiff and my daughter did struggle on occasions to spin the fruits causing a little frustration.

My daughter loves playing with anything kitchen related so the blender is another fun and educational toy in her array of kitchen appliances. She will always go back to playing with this toy, but I do feel with a little bit more thought it could have been a little easier to use.

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