Review of Grasslands Wooden Puzzle

Review of Grasslands Wooden Puzzle

db53f2265f241e6b4d4d69b0a4e953cd.jpgOur initial thoughts when first receiving this product was how nice it was to not receive a €˜traditional' inset board puzzle whereby children are expected to just push pieces into a board and complete it with no real challenge.

The children were instantly excited by the fact that this puzzle looked different, was different to others we had been working on that day, and for us as practitioners we were excited by the prospect of a new type of challenge in terms of puzzles and problem solving.

Children aged between 3 and 4 years were the most intrigued by this product and were keen to try it out.

From an appearance point of view, the puzzle looked different to anything the children had used before, particularly when the tray is empty and you are just left with the outline of the shapes, what we particularly liked was the colours, size variations and different outline patterns of the wooden animals that are essentially the puzzle pieces, this variation from traditional inset board puzzles was a welcome challenge and added depth and critical thinking to the children's experience that they hadn't been able to achieve with other puzzles.

The recommended age on the product was suitable for the children accessing as it was particularly challenging for our 3-4 year olds and they were able to focus their attention for a significant period of time in order to manipulate, analyse and problem-solve how the pieces would fit back into the board, whilst e00f1c6d2f3bab7a743a13ac2a2a11f8.jpgusing size-related language, talking about the patterns on each animal as they attempted to fit them together.

Overall, a great product and one we would highly recommend for children aged 3+, a welcome variation to the traditional puzzle and one that provides challenge and sparks curiosity at the same time.

Five animals wait patiently for their turn at the finest watering hole in all of the Grasslands!

Available from Amazon RRP: £7.99

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