Review of Gotrovo Treasure Hunt

Review of Gotrovo Treasure Hunt


0332dfcba5299afe5524014461622c99.jpgWe were given the Gotrovo Treasure Hunt to review recently. The Gotrovo site says€¦

"This active runaround fun game uses pictures, words, riddles and role play clues to lay a treasure trail.

Players collect the clues and fix them to the map as they go, at the same time collecting the Gotrovo gold coins in the swag bag.

The game ends when the players solve the final clue which leads them to the golden treasure bar. (There's room inside the gold bar to add a treat too as an extra prize.)"

The game arrived whilst the kids were at school and nursery which gave me enough time to have a read of the instructions (very simple) and to set everything up. This definitely needs to be done when child free as it takes a few minutes. You then have the fun of hiding the clues (in the house or around the garden, park etc.) again, with the children out the way.

Once ready I called the children together and explained that I had found a treasure map, they were SO excited!!! I gave them the map and left them to it (following behind with my camera and listening to them) The eldest took charge holding the map, but allowed the coin bag to be held by the youngest. They worked really well together running around the house and garden (good weather so I was able to utilise the outdoors too). The clues were great, making them think, but not 972d1b0f4ff795d0dea21b1f61969a6c.jpgtoo tricky that they got bored, fed up or frustrated. We loved the different levels of clues as these allowed different ages to guess the answers and feel as involved as the older children. A real win, win!

They were so please when they finished the hunt and received their prize in the gold bar. They wanted to play again straight away!

Since that first day we have played it loads more with friends and cousins and we have had so much fun with it. It is a fantastic game that needs minimal adult support. My eldest has even set it up herself a few times!

The product is really good quality, so it will last for many a hunt to come!

I am also thinking of using this as part of an Easter hunt and for birthdays! My daughter wants to take it into class for the last day of term - gives the teacher some time off!!

We thoroughly recommend the game to anyone and everyone!

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