Review of Busy Brains Activity Pack

Review of Busy Brains Activity Pack

fe2c9496cc5714df6757e8678e1bcbe1.jpgProduct Information:

Busy Brains Activity Packs are educational activity cards for parents of babies, toddlers and children up to five. Each set contains fun, educational play ideas, milestone guides and explanations of how children learn.

We reviewed the 4-5 years pack but there are 8 other sets in the range, starting from birth. Each one was written by an experienced Deputy Headteacher using research to ensure every activity helps support the development of key skills. You can purchase them for £12.99 from


When we received our new busy brains activity pack we were very excited and my children enjoyed picking out the first activity at random. Both of my children enjoyed playing with the busy brains activity pack and completing some of the activities. My 6 year old enjoyed reading out the activities to her sister and her sister, aged 4, enjoyed competing with her big sister during the activities. They both enjoyed the rhyme activity and were competing to see who could come up with the most rhyming words to reach the top of the stairs!

We did not have food colouring to do the rangoli patterns with rice but we combined this activity using the coloured card with the colour collage and they had a good try at making some nice patterns. When I explained it was easier to glue the large piece of paper rather than the small pieces they were sticking on it made it much easier for them to complete the patterns.

15fbcb25ddfb2fba15fcc5ddfb16beda.jpgFrom my point of view it was very useful to see what development stage my youngest should be at and for her to do tasks to increase her fine and gross motor skills. She normally has a very short attention span so it was good that most of the activities were short and did not require her to concentrate for long periods of time as she tends to get bored quickly.

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