Review for Kurio watch

Review for Kurio watch


3ff5c1c4689fd3bbf1769a2a3a67cf83.jpgThe Kurio smartwatch is a great little product for children. It's fun, easy to use, sturdy and practical. The watch is designed very well and secure once on. The straps are very made of a soft silicone so are comfortable & flexible. The watch is however, very chunky on my sons little wrist & could not be worn underneath a jumper sleeve.  You do get two different coloured straps, with one being thermal colour changing so he enjoyed alternating it & could easily do this on his own.

Whilst setting up the watch was easy and straightforward,  I did notice it was difficult for adult fingers to select the different options on the screen as it is designed for much smaller kids fingers! My son then finished setting the watch up with little help from me or the user manual. He was pleased about this! He enjoyed personalising the screen using the different themes & watch faces. Navigating the watch was also simple & easy for him.

We had great fun taking selfies on the self facing camera & then using the filters & frames available! There's a good choice of short games, such as snake, noughts & crosses & pirates battle. All of which were handy to keep him amused for short spaces of time if we were out & about or waiting for something.

The Kurio watch has many other different features, I liked that it has an ICE app (in case of emergency) and we had 1050f79a03d4aa3edffd072c7ce36a35.jpggreat fun timing everything on the stop watch. It was a tad annoying when he used the music player as there's nowhere for headphones to be plugged in so we all had to listen to it. Maybe I need to improve his taste in music!

Overall this is a great little smartwatch providing on the go entertainment and as a nice introduction into the world of technology. I would recommend this product.

Kimberley Churchill

Mum and Dad have 2 children, Jacob (6 years old) and Maisie (5 years old). A sporty family, they love to be out and about getting involved in activities and spending time together as a family.

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