Review for Hape Walk-A-Long London Bus

Review for Hape Walk-A-Long London Bus


d2d5deae46a426678ec3edbeebe99ced.jpgIf your toddler is showing signs of curiosity to their surroundings, why not spark their intelligence and creativity with Hape's new fun and vibrant Walk-A-Long London Bus. This eye-catching toy isn't only just fun but teaches your child valuable life skills.

The Walk-A-Long Bus is suitable for children aged 12 months and older and consist of 7 pieces. The Bus is a classic London Bus red with an upper and lower deck to so that the passengers have different views on their bus journey. Your child can show them different landmarks and famous sights. Let the journey begin!

The passengers are a variety of colours and shapes and help kids learn and develop their motor, problem-solving skills and imagination. This simple playful puzzle allows both you and your child to communicate with each other and build their social skills. Bond as you watch your toddler figuring out which shape belongs where and having fun with the new Hape toy.

Your toddler's interests are peaking and would like to know more about everything around them. By talking and interacting with your child as they play, you are helping them develop their language skills and grow their vocabulary. Learning new words, colours, shapes and understanding how to solve puzzles then letting your toddler's mind to expand and explore. By using their hands, toddlers are developing their fine motor skills and coordination.

Hape keeps a high standard and quality of toys using natural, durable and sustainable materials. The London Bus consists of fc7f002f0e3bb6d8c9dafe87860dc2d1.jpgWood, Metal, String and Water-Based Paint. This bus is not only environmentally friendly but also safe for your kids to use thanks to Hape's absent use of harmful chemicals. Doing regular safety and quality checks, Hape is a company that parents can trust. Hape's goal is to make sure their toys are both fun and learning experience, to inspire children through play and learning. These toys put no barriers in your child's learning and developing experience. Promoting social, emotional, sensory and physical skills.

€‹Allow your child to explore their curiosity and discover the understanding of cause-and-effect relationships. Watch them build in confidence and independence alongside their problem-solving skills. See how their imagination increases as they play and learn.


The children used to explore toy are around 16-18 months. When it was all removed from the packaging the children grabbed and explored the large shape characters, the put them in their mouths and shook them around. The shape people are well built and very safely put together.

Next they took turns to look at the bus and they tugged on the string at the front which again was well attached and could take some strong pulls. The children explored the wheels by pushing it forwards and backwards and enjoyed putting the shape people inside. The shapes on the side of the bus worked very well for the children to post the shape people through. 

Overall the bus is a perfect size for little hands and is a great size for exploring with clear paint work and enjoyed by the children.

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