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Revell Level 1 Build & Play 2015 Ford Mustang GT Review


0917e861507ece542fe150bc721be765.jpgThe significance of traditional toys and role play in early years development has long been recognised. To broaden the appeal of the hobby in an increasingly electronic world, Revell is introducing a new concept in model building for children aged 6 and above, Build & Play.

My 10 year old son had a go at building the Revell Level 1 Build & Play 2015 Ford Mustang GT recently and this is how he got on.

The car was rated age 6+ so as my son is 10 he found it fairly easy to follow the instructions and assemble. The instructions were very clear and colourful so I left him to his own devices to construct. It took him approximately 10 minutes to do, but he enjoyed the whole building process (as boys do) and was pleased with the end result. I asked him if he had enjoyed building the car and he replied yes he had and would like to have a go at another more “tricky” one.

Once built, Billy enjoyed playing with the car very much and although not as robust as other cars he has it felt that it would fair pretty well with some rather enthusiastic imaginative play.

To summarize, the car was a good size for smaller hands to hold and although some of the smaller pieces that needed to go on the car were fiddley, he found them pretty straightforward to handle and place in the correct position using the picture instructions that 0bad15f912c07df5e1f6e56b71d72a37.jpgwere in colour. The only downside was that there were no stickers to place on the car. Some jazzy flashes down the side of the doors or across the bonnet would have definitely been a big plus where Billy was concerned. Once built the car felt fairly sturdy and passed the test when it came to being whizzed across the floor. 

Kelly, Nick and Billy Finneran

Kelly, Nick and Billy Finneran

Nick and I have been married for 20 years this September and have known each other since we were teenagers. Nick is an upholsterer and I work for a local Estate Agents, Hawke and Metcalfe in Rustington. We have lived locally all our lives and have lived in our current house in Rustington for 13 years. Our son Billy is 10 and was born in Worthing Hospital. We are a very sporty family and also love country walks, cinema and eating out. 

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