Philips Dash Cam ADR 810 Review

Philips Dash Cam ADR 810 Review


742bbbe1f4cd9cca9960534e74b3ee1a.jpgPhilips Dash Cam ADR 810 features include:

  • Automatic recording means as soon as you power the ADR 610 it starts recording
  • In the case of a collision, an emergency recording is automatically saved to secure the evidence and prevent overwriting
  • A clever fatigue index will produce a visual and audible warning message when the driver should take a rest
  • Instant replay function can help to clarify responsibility on the spot with date/time stamped proof
  • The ADR 810 captures the sharpest details day and night with optimised night view
  • A 156° wide angle lens captures more of the road with this super wide angle lens 


We were lucky enough to be given the Philips Dash Cam to review. My husband has a 3 hour round trip to work 4 times a week and we had two holidays coming up with loooong drives so it came at the perfect time.

I left it to my husband to do the reading and set up - could easily have done it myself it was so simple, but it was going in his car not mine so...

The actual camera is nice and compact and sits comfortably on the front windscreen behind the rear view mirror so it does not distract you when driving. The mount has an adhesive backing, so you stick this on the windscreen and clip on the camera. You plug it into your cigarette lighter and away you go!

Fortunately we didn't need the emergency recording to be saved 49b45db31242fe1d662232a54ba5795b.jpgas we were save on the roads, but it was a comforting feeling to know that had anything happened there would have been footage. With so many horrible accidents happening on the road it gave us some peace of mind - of course it couldn't prevent an accident but it allows you to know you are doing the right thing.

Being so easy to install and use means my husband fits it in the car every time he drives anywhere now - second nature like plugging in a sat nav or charging your mobile. The fact it starts recording as soon as you plug it in means it is a no faff gadget therefore it is a gadget that is used!

We were very impressed with the video quality and the wide angle lens, and with a 16GB SD card you can store 200 minutes of video - more than you will need!

Cons - it would have been great if an SD card had been included with the cam - a normal SD card would not have been a problem, but this needs a micro one, so we had to purchase this before we could start.

The Philips ADR 810 Dash Cam is worth £139.99. A great investment and can help reducing your insurance! Win, win!

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