Mysteries in time Ancient Egyptian Adventure

Mysteries in time Ancient Egyptian Adventure


e122aef0fd690b47cda207e495027b8d.jpgWe have just received the Mysteries in Time €˜time travel machine' in the post! Daniel was very excited about opening it and we were not disappointed! The €˜time machine' if full of exciting goodies. First off we read the welcome leaflet together and got everything out of the €˜time machine' to look at.

The time machines are designed for 7-11 year olds and each month will take them on a new adventure with brother and sister duo Max and Katie. Each adventure includes a fictional story, a fact sheet with puzzles and a quiz, a craft activity and colouring sheets as well as a souvenir from your time travel.

We stuck the map on the wall so we could look at it properly. It is a really lovely colourful map-it was nice to have a map of the whole world and not just Egypt. We are really looking forward to charting Max and Katie's journey on it. Daniel added his timeline sticker to the map and also wanted to add one of his other stickers to Egypt so he could see where Katie and Max were going.

Next Daniel wanted to read the story (the introduction to the 2 characters was fun and made us both laugh-something all families can relate to! Love/ hate!) Parts of the story are a bit gruesome (detailing the methods of Mummification) which Daniel loved! It was a great, light hearted way of explaining some very important parts of history. Daniel solved the mystery ca0b600da27b2d0e328c9608a037cf1a.jpgjust as Max did!

Daniel wanted to use the clay to make an amulet and let his sister colour in one of the pictures from the €˜time machine'. There is so much to do in the box meaning you can do it all in one go or a bit at a time and keep the adventure going. Daniel made his amulet which now has pride of place on his desk next to the canopic jar (I am not allowed to know what is in it-possibly brain, liver or lungs!)

Daniel thoroughly enjoyed his time machine, and even though we are currently enjoying our summer holidays he never said it felt like homework. He has read the story a few times and enjoyed retelling the gory bits to his Grandad!  He has also revisited the box a few times, colouring in the other pictures and testing his Dad's knowledge on Ancient Egyptians with the puzzles and quiz! (He is also using the map to chart where he has been and wants to go in the future!)

The only thing that could be added (from a parent's point of view) is the Facebook and Twitter links to be able to share pictures of our finished amulet.

Overall this is a great learning tool that to children won't feel like learning. It is fun, informative and will keep children busy and entertained. The different products in the box give all children a chance to enjoy the mystery and history-if they prefer reading they can enjoy the fact sheet and story, if they are more crafty they have the colouring in sheets and craft activity to complete. Something for all children!

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