Moshi Monsters Personalised Book Review

Moshi Monsters Personalised Book Review


b35e65f324b6b8e8368fe67d36aa9386.jpgThe Moshi Monsters €œEgg Hunt€ personalised story book is the perfect gift for any Moshi Monsters fan! Not only only is the story exciting, engaging and brought to life by using the child's name throughout the story, and in a subtle readable way too, some personalised books can be repetitive when using the child's name, yet this was subtle and the child really felt like he was a part in the story throughout.

Ordering the book was a breeze; the website was user friendly, easy to personalise and I found the fact that you could preview the book featuring the child's name prior to ordering really useful, so you could really get a feel for how the story was going to read and if the child's name worked well within the story.

Delivery time was great, 2-3 working days which is fast for a personalised item and the book arrived well packaged in a €˜Do Not Bend' envelope.

The quality of the book when it arrived was so much better than I expected and it even featured the child's name on the cover as well as within the story too which I thought was a lovely touch. Similarly, the book came with some added extras; a Moshi Monster poster hunt - this too was personalised! And a shiny card which allows the recipient to create their own personalised Moshi Monster using the app when activated. These were lovely surprises to find within the package and really made the whole bb5c5d35fdca81725fdb7853b13721c0.jpggift even more special.

The recipient of this book is two and a half years old, and he absolutely adored this book from the moment he realised it was €˜his', from the name on the front to being featured throughout the story, the child gets a real sense of ownership from the word go with this book and as an avid Moshi Monster fan, he not only loved listening to the story as we read it together, but also spotting and naming his favourite characters from the colourful and exciting illustrations too. Also, I was really impressed with the length of the story too, it wasn't just a quick story, it really built up over time and makes for a perfect bedtime story!

Overall, this book is a great gift for any Moshi Monster fan and the personalisation, care and attention that goes into the production of this book is second to none and I would highly recommend this to anyone; great value for money considering the personal touch, quality of the book and the added extras you get too.

Order yours HERE for £19.99

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