MagnetCubes Rollercoaster Marble Run

MagnetCubes Rollercoaster Marble Run

c19c8d710bd6a2d83b066e651a4dc076.jpgProduct Information:

Effortlessly attach - With no glue or connectors needed, MagnetCubes is ready to play right out of the box. Each cube is fully magnetic, so it can be easily attached to other cubes. Simply unpack and build!

Build. Rebuild. Combine - Easily connect multiple structures together. The structure becomes a complex and impressive multi-level design. MagnetCubes gives you far more freedom to build a near infinite variety of miniature roller coasters and structures instantly.

Infinite design possibilities - With 64 cubes and various action pieces, people will have the ability to build any different tracks by their imagination and logical mind. Great for keeping your mind sharp, limber and most importantly, interested!

Build taller and faster - Keep stacking the modular open-ended building blocks together. Be amazed at how easily, quickly and massively tall structures can be made without toppling over.

Starter Pack Contents - 64x MagnetCubes, 32x Clip, 4x U-turn, 10x Straight, 10x Quarter-turn, 4x Down, 3x Marble.

RRP: £39.99


I got to test the Magnet Coaster Cubes for Raring2go! I had lots of fun while using this product and spent a good amount of time working out what to do and building it. It looks very hard, but it was actually really easy. I had to put the rails into the blocks then put the blocks together to make the rollercoaster. Then I tested it with the metal marble, and it worked.  I thought it would take ages to build but it 38eb84435fc51b2de615675fe1b5bf0a.jpgdidn’t, it took a good amount of time and it was age appropriate for me.

I really liked the colour of the tracks which are red, and they go well with the clear plastic blocks. The toy is light, not flimsy, it feels strong and it doesn’t feel like its going to break easily.  I think it is safe for my age group (9) but not for 4 year olds or under because the marble and other parts could cause choking or problems if they put it in their mouths or up their nose. I think that there should be more blocks so people can make it bigger and there should be more straight rails and down rails as I wanted to carry on building a bigger rollercoaster. I think the magnets should be stronger because my building kept falling down, but it works quite well I just have to keep on fixing it. I like that its made of sturdy plastic because I can be heavy handed with it.

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