Kit and Kin wipes review

Kit and Kin wipes review

4c0b14d15215a4ec50ddc6b77fb6e581.jpgProduct Information:

Kit & Kin, the eco-friendly family brand co-founded by Emma Bunton, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new and improved baby wipes formulation, now containing 99% water and a touch of soothing aloe vera.

Not only are Kit & Kin baby wipes created to be kind on baby’s skin, but also to our world.  The super soft, earth friendly wipes are made from sustainably harvested fibres and a plant-based material that is fully biodegradable, helping protect the planet’s natural resources for generations to come. Like all Kit & Kin products, they contain absolutely no harsh chemicals and are clinically tested to ensure they’re hypoallergenic and suitable for the most sensitive skin.

As with all Kit & Kin products, the baby wipes give back: every pack sold will help fund the purchase of threatened tropical rainforest through the World Land Trust (WLT), helping to maintain a vital eco system that provides clean air, lifesaving medicines and safe havens for some of the planet’s most endangered species. Kit & Kin’s giving back programme also supports women and children in rural Guatemala through educational scholarships, family planning clinics and healthcare.


Having previously used the Kit and Kin nappies, I was keen to incorporate their wipes into the nappy changing routine for my daughter.

I’m always keen to use products that are environmentally friendly and so the fact that these wipes are 100% plant based and biodegradable really appealed to me.

Similarly, my daughter suffers from 9c8bc53115cb8d6ab1b542bbb4ebf437.jpgbouts of eczema and so having been previously disappointed by her reaction to Water Wipes and the Kit & Kin Naturally Clean wipes are 99% water was a massive bonus.

On initial use, my first thought was that despite claiming to be ‘fragrance free’ the wipes smell incredibly fragrant as soon as you open them which I wasn’t expecting. However, during use, the wipes performed well and unlike other water-based wipe, these wipes weren’t as soggy and heavy to use as others we have tried.

The wipes are quite thin in themselves but actually perform incredibly well and I found I didn’t need to use as many as I normally would when changing a particularly difficult nappy which is brilliant.

The number of wipes in a pack is incredibly generous (60) and the fact that a single wipe performs so well, I found that I didn’t get through the pack as quickly as I normally do.

All in all, I can’t fault these wipes; good for the environment, good for a baby’s skin, cost-effective (albeit a little pricier than some wipes on the market) as you use less wipes than you would do with an alternative brand, and an all-round great product that doesn’t just benefit your baby, but the environment too.

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