Inside Out Talking Doll Review

Inside Out Talking Doll Review


joy_talkingdoll_1.jpgDisney Pixar are celebrating their new movie 'Inside Out' with some great new toys and products. One of our young reviewers got the chance to play with the talking doll Joy. These talking emotion figures bring Inside Out's most animated emotions to the playmat. Pressing their hands lets them speak one of 13 phrases.

Our young reviewer Abi, aged 8, and her younger brother Charlie, 4, said,"This toy started off being great, we hid under a blanket and loved it lighting up! Mummy found the phrases annoying after the 100th time! Our friends played with it too and enjoyed it"

The doll is great quality, the kids loved her blue hair and pretty sparkly dress. She is a 14€ tall soft plush doll with some hard features.

They loved the memory ball and she says loads of positive, happy phrases so the children enjoyed pressing her hand over and over again. We all loved the film and the children thought it was great to be able to have a piece of it at home with us. Joy is a strong female character which is a great role model for my daughter.

I found the repetitive phrases slightly tedious after a while but I am not a young child, and Abi, Charlie and their friends didn't and that is obviously the main thing.

The doll has easily replaceable batteries which is great when it is played with as much as Joy has been!

Everything about this doll is silly and joy_talkingdoll_2.jpgmakes people happy. She really lives up to her name-she is truly a JOY!

Costs £15.95 (Other characters also available)

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